Child safety is always a prime concern for the parents. Maintaining their safety in waterways is important as it takes only 60 seconds in case of a child to drown away in water if lost the control. We initiated this in collaboration with various NGOs to inform you all that how you can keep your child safe in waters and also how you can save a drowning child. There are several expensive products that will help you in being safe with your child in waters. You can check on worldsmostcostly.com for the same. Check out the following testimonials by various experts in this field. 

Dr Marino Festa
Doctor at the Children’s Hospital at Westmead, NSW.
“It all happens so suddenly…”

Belinda Hedley
A mother of twin boys.
“We found them floating face down in the water…”

Alan Morrison
Paramedic for the Ambulance Service of NSW.
“There is nothing more important than keeping your eyes on your kids around water…”